3 May 2013

Oldies but Goodies May 2013

It seems like ages since we last met - I've missed you all!  In case you're new to this bloghop, let me explain....on the first Friday of every month, I post out a theme and you link up any old(ish) posts which could do with some new love.  Please don't be shy, interpret the theme any way you like - I'm not strict!  The original idea behind #oldiesbutgoodies is written in more detail here.

This month, what with all of the beautiful sunshine we've been enjoying (well, this week anyway!) I have picked 'Happiness' as the theme.  So if you have any cheery, fun, light-hearted, sunshiney posts....link them up and brighten our day :)

Just to remind you, here are the two, very simple guidelines:

1) Link up as many old posts as you like which fit the theme and could do with some new love.

2) Please pop by and read/comment on at least one or two of the other blogs linked up - it's all about gaining new readers and finding new reads.

And that's it - couldn't be simpler! If you would like to display my badge somewhere on your blog, here is the code:


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  1. Welcome back! I do enjoy #oldiesbutgoodies :)

  2. Yay! i have linked in but i am now away but i will visit all posts on Tuesday when i am back and visit all linked up :-) xx

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  4. All linked up! I've given you my first ever post! My blog makes me happy and I just come across as positive and strong when writing it :) xx

  5. Wahey, glad this is back, AND this time I have got something that matches - at least, its in my head, am planning to write it early next week. So, watch out, I'll be back!

    1. Hey Siobhan, don't stress about writing something new! The idea is that this is hassle free as it's simply linking up a post that we've already written, some time ago but want to 'air' again. Just find an old one which fits the theme - simple!

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  7. Thank you all for linking up. It's so great to see some lovely, positive and cheery posts! x

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