14 February 2013

Come and share the love - a Valentine's special!

This post is one I've been deliberating over for a couple of weeks now and I'll tell you for why:

Firstly, I'm not one for bigging myself up.  I don't accept compliments well (although I'm getting better at that bit) and around 70% of my friends and family don't even know that I write a blog, let alone 2 blogs! (that's another story)

Secondly, I initially scoffed at other bloggers who wrote a post as soon as the MAD Awards were announced - "If their blog is worthy, why do they need to ask people to vote?"  And then I realised that most readers are not even aware that these awards exist.  So I've probably shot myself in the foot a little (serves me right for being pious) as the final deadline for nominating is Monday 18th February - only 4 days away people!!

Thirdly, when I first discovered what the MADs were, I never for one second thought that my blog would ever be nominated. If you're not in the blogging world, you will be surprised to find over 5000 Mum and Dad (MAD) blogs in the UK and so many of these are simply amazing!  Some are fairly new to the block (like me) and others have been going for 5 years or more. 

To my surprise, my little blog and I have been nominated yippee!  This was all before I had even told my Mum or the OH about it, so it definitely wasn't either of them who deemed this blog worthy of some love!

The categories I am eligible for and have already received at least one nomination in, are as follows:

 Blog of the Year
Best Family Fun Blog
Best New Blog
Best Family Life Blog
Best School Days Blog

Sadly, only the 4 blogs with the most votes in each category, will go through to the finals and get the chance to attend a swanky awards ceremony (think BAFTAs) later on this year. So far, a total of 40,000 nominations have been calculated - the competition is stiff!

So, dear readers, if you like my blog even a teensy bit and deem it worthy of an award, please click on the badge below and complete the necessary form - it should only take a few minutes of your time and in turn you will receive an eternity of gratitude from little old me!

MAD Blog Awards


PPS If you're looking for some other blogs to nominate, I can highly recommend:

Hello Wall, Ramblings of a Formerly Rock n Roll Mum, Older Mum, Mum of Three World, Capture by Lucy, 40 Year Old Domestic GoddessEveryone Else is Normal, Adventures of an Unfit Mother, Adventures of a Middle-Aged Matron  Any of these would be worthy of a vote - go take a look :)
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  1. Thanks very much, really appreciate that :) I am totally convinced you will make it to the finals of new blogger. Am also convinced Sonya will win it. You are both awesome, but Sonya's following is huge. Will be so proud of you both. x

    1. Agreed about our lovely Sonya, think she's got that one in the bag! Thank you for your vote of confidence about mine but there are so many fab new blogs out there, so great that I didn't even know they were actually eligible!x

  2. You'll have to accept a compliment now: you are more than generous to to promote others at this competitive time ! I hope you win!

  3. What do you mean only PS Happy Valentines Day haha - will be voting - I do love reading Older Mums blog too and Mummy Plum x

  4. Congrats on your nominations, you deserve them x

  5. Best of luck - I am really rooting for you in the best new blog catergory, and thank you so much for the recommendation - so kind. I'm with Adventures, the competition is so stiff, and I also think boils down to blog reach too. :o).

    1. Exactly, I think there are front runners in every category and this is largely down to following....we will see eh?! I am under no illusion!


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