11 January 2013

Oldies but Goodies - Week 10

I've been 'missing in action' for a week (hopefully you all noticed?!) and the lovely Emma over at Crazy with Twins did a sterling job of hosting last week.  The theme she chose was 'Faith' and if you didn't get a chance to read some of them, here's the link.

If you're unfamiliar with this linky, the idea is to choose an old post which didn't get the love it deserved at the time and show it off to the world, one more time! Here are the details.

This week I've chosen the theme of: LOVE.  This can include anything from love for your children, your partner, a holiday destination you've fallen in love with....use your imagination!

Guidelines are as follows:

1) Link up as many posts as you like that fit the theme
2) Read and comment on a few of the other posts linked up
3) If you would like to, please copy and paste my badge somewhere on your blog

And that's it!  Happy reading and have a great week one and all.

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  1. Smashing idea - I've linked up one about my love of printed books! Now off to read the others - thanks for hosting Suzanne x

  2. Love my babies so posted a picture post of each from a while back!
    Glad to be back linking up with you again. Happy New Year to you and your wee family xxx

  3. I've added an old post of mine all about marrying my husband. Oh, and I've added your lovely badge to my blog. Now time to read some of the other posts linked up x

  4. Wow - this linky is really really taking off - hats off to you !!!! Managed to find something this week - great way to find new blogs.

  5. fantastic idea and i so want to join in but my blog is only 3 months old this week so will be a while yet :-(

  6. So many weepy moments, or maybe that's just me, great linky!

  7. Thankyou for the mention, and for allowing me to host last week! Great theme this week! :) xx

  8. Some really lovely link ups this week - thanks everyone for supporting, reading and commenting. Come back next week for a new theme!


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